Building Women of Strength
   Intended to encourage, inspire and instruct.
    Introduces readers to women of  the past and
   hidden NOW women. Laced with testimonies,
   anecdotes and illustrations interspersed with the
   spirit of prophecy - not a how to lifestyle manual -
   covers relationships, security in Christ Jesus,
   body/soul and spirit, grief, violations of
   womanhood, health and healing, victory in trials,
   mission, business, connecting and making

Metamorphosis of a Damaged Soul

An inspirational autobiographical narrative. Chronicles the main events in her life as she seeks an elusive destiny. From birth in a small town in rural NSW during World War Two, rejected by her family, wandering the globe experiencing numerous relationships and exploring experimental lifestyles. A book you can't put down. 
Excerpt - 
"The wounds of a damaged soul are hidden. I was bleeding on the inside from a wound no one could heal. When my personal boundaries were broken at a young age, my mind began to fill with sick thinking. Sex on any level was equated with love."

Timeless Treasures: Digging for Gold Daily 

  Christianity worldwide is on the brink of great change.
  Writing from experience, not platform, Marlene presents 
  material to prepare Christian believers to examine their
  lives in the light of the true gospel of Jesus Christ and
  consider changes that will need to be made to hear and
  follow the Holy Spirit in these times of transition. 
'God is doing a new thing globally and the traditional man-
  made structures 
are being toppled to make room for this
  move of the 
Holy Spirit, bringing Christians back to the
of the apostles and prophets'. 
  A compilation of 366 one page Dailies incorporating
  anecdotes, reliable quotes, personal illustrations, the spirit
  of prophecy, journal jottings and biblical exploration 
 gleaned from 40 years of international inistry. 
Timeless Treasures aims to propel the reader towards revival and reformation, living a natural supernatural life. Excellent resource.


HOUR of the OWLLiving Life with Wisdom 

   Marlene brings to life a fictional allegory of a special
   relationship between 
a wise grandfather and an insatiably
   curious grandson.
   Each chapter is packed with applications for day to day
   practical wisdom, supported by a section of solid
   teaching on wisdom in the Word of God and study
   questions. Suitable for individuals and small groups.
   A must read for young and old. 
WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING about Rusty's books


FM (f) - South Africa -  God used you to bring back my passion for writing. Contributing to your book Warrior Bride Building Women of Strength was just the beginning. Thank you Author Rusty A Lang

Bishop RI (m) - Kenya - Thank you very much. We received your book and it will make women in our ministry much stronger in Christianiy. It carries much, much good teaching on women of strength in Christianity. God bless you Marlene Anne Morphew for your good work in the Lord's  ministry.

I-L (f) Iraq - My mother in USA and I share excerpts that speak to us from afar. Great book.

BB (f)- Toowoomba, QLD - Really enjoying your book. So full of wisdom and the Word. You certainly have done a lot of work and research to put it all together. You write well.
BM (f) - Gunnedah, NSW - Loving it! Started to read then went back to underline. Have already put into place things I've learned in the first chapter with my young adult daughter.
MF (f) - Gunnedah, NSW - Thankyou for allowing me to be part of this great book. I was given two copies from generous people so I passed on the love of one. Blessing the person. I am recommending it to every woman I see.
RM (m) - copy editor - men should read this book too.
TE (m) - (cover designer) -  congratulations on new book. Glad to hear women are being strengthened.



CM (f) Narrabri NSW - Everyone should read this book. I carried it everywhere I went as I could not put it down. It needs to be a movie.

CB (female) Narrabri NSW - I cried when I read your book. I had no idea what you were going through. It reminded me so much of what I experienced. It brought me relief from alot of built up pain.
WW (female)  Coonabarabran NSW - 'This book is so insightful on how to forgive the unforgivable'. 
DB (male) Eulah Creek, NSW 'I enjoyed the book. Laughed so hard reading about the hippies' Read every word including most of the end notes. Well done. 
FR (female) Wagga, NSW. Thankyou. This book is gold. It really touched my heart.

BB (female) Toowoomba, QLD. You were very sensitive not to overexpose those who have done you harm but still got the message across. I'm sure it will bless alot of people.
GM (male) Temotu, Solomons. Thankyou for this resurce. I would like to read anything you write in the future. 


DC (m) Zambia - Inspired by your teaching. Appreciate the resource.

GH (m) Vanuatu - Every time I read it I cry as the Holy Spirit speaks to me. It is a powerful book.

MF (female) Gunnedah, NSW - Thank you for your guidance through my life with your books. I hope I get the chance to read, or purchase your next book. Thank you for sharing your experience while walking with the Holy Spirit. The more I read Timeless Treasures, the more I study the scriptures and the more love I receive and the more encounters with God I experience.  

NS (male) Mosgiel, NZ - Hi Rusty, just received your book in the post. Wow it sure is a treasure chest. Well done!

MR (male) Narrabri, NSW - Brilliant!
FM (female) Piet Retief, Mpumalanga, South Afrca. That book (Timeless Treasures) is a healing balm. I love to hear and read truth!. You wrote reality that people don't want to hear!

Anonymous - I read one of your dailies in Timeless Treasures and it spoke to me of the truth about martial arts. Since then I have ceased my "exercise" class as it was led by a martial arts proponent and I am now having supernatural encounters with the living God.

Hour of the Owl: Living Life with Wisdom

J.C (m) Zambia - Have given this book to youth - thankyou.

T.L (f) Indiana, USA - Received my book, gifted and written by my mentor, Marlene Anne Morphew. So excited to read, learn and study from this dedicated Woman of God. Thank you Marlene.

A.G (m) NSW Australia - After reading the first chapter I realised how wise it is to say little and listen more. This can also apply to business management as well as ministry. 

M.F (f) NSW - Oh dear came to chapter 10. The story and the teaching on worldly wisdom stopped me up. Learning and growing from your books.

K.C (m) Cambodia - Marlene came and taught from this book for 4 nights to an English learning class. The wisdom flowed from the exercises and students grew in confidence and knowledge.

'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God' John 1:1-2.
'If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit' Ephesians 5:25
'And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of servcie, to the building up of the body of Christ, to attain to the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a mature man, to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ' (Ephesians 4:11-13.
Endorsement - I have known Marlene for nearly 25 years. Throughout this time she has remained a consistent and trusted encourager of not only myself but of many others. One of her greatest assets, I believe, is her ability to deliver clear, concise and biblically measured counsel and teaching. She possesses a quiet strength and confidence which has been built upon a long and deep intimate walk with Jesus Christ. Rusty knows her God and her God knows her.   
Feedback - Just finished your first book (2015), couldn't put it down! So priviledged to have read it and getting to know your story. I was blown away by your honesty and courage in the face of so many obstacles; obstacles that many others may not have been able to gain victory over. Transparency is so crucial in ministry and I can see this book opening up a wide open road to wholeness and healing to those that allow the wisdom of its words to touch them. So much honour and respect for you...God bless. 
TN (male). NSW, Australia